google to offer 1GB e-mail storage

It’s a half hour before April Fools and the article was published on March 31st in the afternoon, so I think it’s on the up-and-up. It says that Google is going to offer free e-mail with 1GB of storage, all searchable. Their revenue will come from advertisements inserted into outgoing messages based on the message content. Yahoo already adds advertisements, but they have nothing to do with the content. It could be a source of entertainment to see what the ads that your e-mails are associated with.


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  1. Still not sure about this one. Even though stories started surfacing yesterday afternoon, the google press release is dated April 1.

    Comment by Chad on April 1, 2004 @ 5:58 am
  2. I’m kind of doubting it’s legit. It was the “invited guests” comment that set me off! But then, this looks more like an April Fool joke to me.

    Comment by Meredith on April 1, 2004 @ 7:06 am
  3. Hmm. Chad, you may be right, and their press release sounds more tongue-in-cheek than the article I linked to. I guess we’ll see, because it seems like a good idea to me, and at the rate of hard drives nowadays, I don’t see 1GB being all that big of a deal, especially if they could continue making money with ads.

    Maybe this started out as a joke, but now that people are responding positively they’ll think, “Hey, we could actually do this!”

    Comment by dan on April 1, 2004 @ 9:11 am
  4. Doh, for you Opera browser users. At least not yet.

    Comment by Renee on April 1, 2004 @ 9:39 am
  5. Not a problem. Opera can identify itself as MSIE and Mozilla.

    Comment by dan on April 1, 2004 @ 9:47 am
  6. From a business standpoint, what a great day to test the waters with a bold idea.

    If the response is really negative, you just announce, ‘Ha ha, april fools!’

    But, if the response is overly accepted, then bam, it’s for real!

    Time will tell on this one.

    Comment by Chad on April 1, 2004 @ 9:55 am
  7. >Not a problem. Opera can identify itself as MSIE and Mozilla.


    Comment by Renee on April 1, 2004 @ 10:27 am
  8. Hey, I’m just explaining the features of Opera.

    Comment by dan on April 1, 2004 @ 10:38 am
  9. I’m confident that GMail is not a hoax after reading two articles saying that Google execs have confirmed it’s real.

    I’m not sure why they had the press release on April 1st…

    Comment by dan on April 1, 2004 @ 8:18 pm
  10. I guess I’ll need to sign up fast to get the username Steve

    Comment by Steve on April 1, 2004 @ 10:59 pm
  11. Heh. I’ve been thinking the exact same thing to get the username ‘dan’ so I signed up to have them let me know when I can get an account.

    Comment by dan on April 1, 2004 @ 11:13 pm
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  13. I just noticed on Yahoo Mail’s login screen it states:

    “Free 4MB storage – up to twice as much as other free email providers!”

    In order to be current, they’re going to need to change it to:

    “Free 4MB storage – 1/250th as much as other free email providers!”

    Comment by dan on April 6, 2004 @ 8:23 pm
  14. Yahoo’s used to be 6MB. I have one account I opened about 5 years ago that’s 6 and 2 others that are 4MB. Weird.

    Comment by Renee on April 7, 2004 @ 10:04 am
  15. I noticed the same thing. I have one account with 6MB and the rest with 4MB. They were going the wrong direction.

    Comment by dan on April 7, 2004 @ 11:25 am
  16. Check this out. A CA lawmaker wants to stop Gmail because it searches emails for keywords. She thinks that’s an invasion of privacy.

    Hello – people know how the service works and will voluntarily use it. How is that an invasion? Google does the same thing with Blogger pages. Big deal.

    Comment by Renee on April 12, 2004 @ 6:40 pm
  17. Renee: I totally agree with you. It’s not a public service that you have to use. It’s a voluntary free service. If people don’t like it, no one is forcing them to use it.

    Comment by dan on April 13, 2004 @ 10:35 pm
  18. Now Google is thinking about caving to this stupidity!

    Comment by Renee on April 14, 2004 @ 2:08 pm
  19. I wouldn’t say caving. They’re considering the possibilities of letting people opt out, I would guess for a fee. If it makes people happy, I’m fine with it.

    Comment by dan on April 14, 2004 @ 3:36 pm
  20. i think i’ll need to sign up really quickly to get the username “haris” lol…well…i am waiting for the Gmail to release real quick..!!!!!!!

    Comment by Haris on July 17, 2004 @ 9:55 pm

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