trivia #2

Here are some more random facts.

1. It takes 3,000 cows to supply the NFL with enough leather for a year’s supply of footballs.

2. The first novel ever written on a typewriter was The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

3. Restroom tip: The first stall is usually the cleanest. Most people, seeking privacy, skip it.

4. The top 6 reasons for being late to work: 1) traffic; 2) oversleeping; 3) procrastination; 4) household chores; 5) car problems; 6) having sex.

5. More collect calls are made on Father’s Day than on any other day of the year.

6. The Bible has been translated into Klingon.

7. The world’s termites outweigh the world’s humans 10 to 1.

8. If you’re of average weight, multiply it by .02. That’s how much your brain weighs.

9. If you’re an average American you’ll spend about 6 months of your life waiting at red lights.

10. The three most valuable brand names on earth: Marlboro, Coca-Cola and Budweiser, in that order.

(From Bathroom Reader’s Institute)


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  1. Ah, the restroom tip is most appreciated.

    I’m not suprised that there is a Klingon translation of the Bible. I feel like I should be, but I’m not.

    Comment by Jan on March 17, 2004 @ 5:04 am
  2. There’s an Ebonics translation, too. I’ve read through bits of it in a bookstore. Yow.

    Comment by Levi on March 17, 2004 @ 8:24 am
  3. Regarding #4 I spy a direct correllation between reasons 1 and 3. If people don’t procrastinate, traffic usually isn’t a problem. I speak from experience, I tell you!

    Comment by Renee on March 17, 2004 @ 9:28 am
  4. If only the NFL could teach the 3000 cows to sew, they could also supply all the league’s uniform needs.

    Comment by Steve on March 17, 2004 @ 10:21 am
  5. In reference to #3. After using the Cadillac Stall (handicapped) for so long, there’s no way I can go back to using those tiny little stalls. The Cadillac Stall is so big you could play racketball in there. I’ll take room and comfort over cleanliness. Besides, we have those keester-gaskets.

    Comment by jason on March 17, 2004 @ 6:23 pm
  6. I used to yearn for the racketball stall and finally began using it. A short while later someone (I’m not naming any names, but he’s rather important in the company) came to the stall door while I was using it and tried to open it. When it wouldn’t open, he shook it a few times, then chose another one. I was hoping he wouldn’t be waiting outside the door, because then I would have had to think of some way to maim myself so as to have a valid reason to be using it.

    I made sure to raise my feet off the floor so as to avoid detection and considered how I might best destroy my sneakers as evidence.

    Since then I rarely use it. I’m fine with the mini-stalls.

    Comment by dan on March 17, 2004 @ 9:43 pm
  7. I was at the sink one afternoon and a rather large elderly lady walked in, stood next to the racketball stall and huffed and puffed while waiting for the current user to exit. I imagine that the current user was pulling a dan by waiting for the loud breather to give up and use a different stall. After a while, out came this super skinny, very healthy young woman. The old, large lady then cornered the girl and produced some language that I’m sure could have been heard all over the building.
    ~this is all over a silly stall. Oh please!~
    I certainly don’t want to anger the loud breather. I’ll stick with the tiny stalls.

    I don’t understand why so many feel that bathroom stall time is also really good for “talk on cell time”. Why would anyone want to call someone and chit chat while taking care of some very personal business?

    Comment by Mel on March 18, 2004 @ 2:21 pm
  8. Agreed. I would be concerned that a resident of another stall would unleash a sonorous detonation during my call, forcing me to explain my whereabouts.

    Comment by dan on March 18, 2004 @ 3:22 pm

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