origin of spam

Research on how spammers get your email address indicates the most common way is through high-traffic web sites. It also showed that masking your email address with HTML entities was an effective way to avoid spam. (via /.)


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  1. Speaking of spam, I’ve gotten 4 “Taking A Vacation Is EASY!” messages just today. There’s no unsubscribe link or anything, just an email address to mail to if you’re interested. Problem is, I don’t dare give them my email address (they’re using my old cs.byu.edu address). How can I stick it to ’em?

    Comment by Cameron on April 22, 2003 @ 3:07 pm
  2. I was getting some spam in Japanese that was really getting on my nerves so I sent an email to owner of the range of IP addresses from whence the email came and it stopped. I’ve done that a few other times with limited success. ARIN will give you the contact info given the source IP address of the spam in the mail header.

    Comment by dan on April 22, 2003 @ 4:00 pm
  3. spamcop.net is pretty much allright…they send off an email on your behalf to the original ISP etc. i’ve received a couple of replies from ISPs since using spamcop, saying that they were grateful for people who reported spam, because it simply doesn’t happen enough.

    Comment by kv on April 26, 2003 @ 3:40 am

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