tyranny of email

Ole Eichhorn comments on how to manage your email and still be productive.


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  1. Closing email is a good idea. Now, if only my cube had a fourth wall and door to keep out interupters.

    There’s a guy on my team, a nice guy, with a habit that grates like mad on everyone’s nerves. He comes to your cube, knocks twice on the metal endpiece of a cube wall and says, “Knock, knock.” Then he launches into his question or comment.

    It drives everyone crazy. It’s irritating like something on par in “Office Space”.

    It takes a great deal of willpower not to say, “Dude, you are not “knocking” on a door. If you were, I would have the opportunity not to answer!”

    Comment by Renee on April 5, 2003 @ 5:52 am

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