browsers shouldn’t have to lie

If you have a web site, don’t restrict browsers without reason. I use Opera and Galeon mainly but displayed an error saying that I had to use IE, Netscape or Mozilla. Galeon uses Mozilla’s libraries, so the rendering is identical, but they wouldn’t let me use it. Thankfully, the designers of Opera had the foresight to provide the ability to identify itself as other browsers. I chose IE 5.0 and the site worked fine, meaning I could have used Opera if they would have given it a chance. Argh.


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  1. That is pretty lame. Why would they stop you from viewing the site completely though? Even lynx was shot down. What about the blind who use audio browsers? Kind of a dumb move to restrict access to your site if you’re a business.

    Comment by jason on January 29, 2003 @ 8:40 am
  2. It’s all about control of the presentation. Marketing folks are absolutely anal about visual presentation. If things don’t appear ‘just so’, it can (supposedly) damage the company image. I think they’re full of crap, but I didn’t go to marketing school, so what do I know? Sites like that irritate me.

    Comment by Levi on January 29, 2003 @ 12:32 pm

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