beef gum

Have you ever had an idea you thought was so absurd that you had to be the first one to think of it?

While eating at Rodizios some of my coworkers and I had a discussion about beef gum, which became a running joke during lunch. We weren’t the first.


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  1. I find the thought of beef gum vaguely disturbing. I’m not sure why, I just think that it is not meant to be.

    Comment by Levi on January 24, 2003 @ 10:24 am
  2. I like it. This could lead to other great flavors like: fish-gum, haggus-gum, and bacon-gum.

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, bacon-gum. glaaaahhhh…

    Comment by jason on January 24, 2003 @ 12:15 pm
  3. You are sick and demented, Jason.

    Comment by Levi on January 24, 2003 @ 12:21 pm
  4. Now none couldn’t top liver and onions gum !

    Comment by Tammie on January 24, 2003 @ 6:41 pm
  5. Some years back, on forst encountering the “gourmet jelly beans”, and the recipes they had for combinations such as cherry cordial… I had the idea for, say t-bone flavored ones, then you could combine a potato with sour cream, cheddar cheese, bacon, etc for a baked potato… you could have ones oriented to cheeseburgers, pizza, whatever, all in the convenient jelly bean form.

    Comment by Neon on June 1, 2003 @ 2:00 pm
  6. Your suggestion reminds me of the gum chewing girl in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory who ate a full course meal in gum form. There are times I would love to be able to eat a meal so easily.

    Comment by dan on June 1, 2003 @ 4:26 pm
  7. Chocolate cake gum. mmmmm I could go for that.

    Comment by Mel on June 2, 2003 @ 7:53 am
  8. Only if the bacon gum is as good as my dog’s beggin’ strips.

    Comment by Alex on March 22, 2006 @ 7:50 am

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