is there no safety?

I just read John Hiler’s account of being attacked. It’s disturbing. What was running through the minds of the guys who did it? Now he has to go through the hassle of hospital bills and therapy. What makes them think they can do that? How dare they bash him over the head, causing brain trauma (albeit mild)? I realize that writing about it won’t make it stop, but what can be done?

I’ve been thinking about what life would be like in a crowded city. Being a loner would be a risky and potentially life-threatening lifestyle. The fear that someone might attack would be hard to surpress. Is there no way to feel safe? If John didn’t have boxing and sparring experience, what would have happened to him? From what I gather, they didn’t take his money because he fought them off, but was that their motive? I would much rather give someone my money instead of having my skull bashed with a 2×4, because either way I lose the money, but the former scenario keeps my head intact.

I wish John a complete and rapid recovery and I hope the guys that attacked him are made to feel remorseful for the pain they have caused. I hope that they are made aware of the results of their actions and are punished for them. Maybe they’ll experience the same sense of helplessness that they have caused in others.

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