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If you don’t know what faith you are, Belief-O-Matic can tell you.


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  1. I thought it was intresting, but it gave me Islam, which I thought was pretty weird.

    Comment by DeeDee on October 2, 2002 @ 1:16 pm
  2. I got the religion I am in reality. I am a Neo – Pagen… A Wiccan to be precise. Blessed be!

    Comment by Chris Homsley on November 24, 2002 @ 2:15 am
  3. I thought this maybe an interesting test to take, but a result of 100% Unitarian Universalists, proved that I was wrong. I cannot believe how a test could get my beliefs so fundamentally wrong, I definitely would not recommend this test to others…

    Comment by Anonymous on November 24, 2002 @ 6:21 am
  4. took it twice, just to be sure ^.~ equal Mahayana Buddhist and Neo-Pagan. accuract test. *nods approvingly*

    Comment by alex j on December 16, 2002 @ 7:45 pm
  5. böö

    Comment by Andreas on February 5, 2003 @ 6:03 pm
  6. I’m 94% Quaker…. so evidently I’m the guy on the oatmeal box ;) But I was 100% Christian Protestant. That is weird because I don’t necessarily agree with all the Protestant beliefs. Oh well.

    Comment by SSJMike on February 10, 2003 @ 3:18 pm
  7. 100% Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Fitting, since that’s what I converted to 8 years ago.=D Islam ranked higher for me than the church I grew up in (Mainline Christian) so that was kind of interesting.

    Comment by Renee on February 10, 2003 @ 9:20 pm
  8. I am a recent convert to Islam, but the test keeps giving me a 100% for Orthodox Judaism. I only get 94-96% for Islam. It also suggests Sikhism and Jainism. Somewhat strange results. It is interesting to aim for a certain result.

    Comment by Velatino Ravarez on February 22, 2003 @ 9:10 pm
  9. just wondering if we r related?my dads name was L.V. and mom opal they grew up in ark. but moved to oregon in the 40s.have a great day

    Comment by ken homsley on March 4, 2003 @ 11:32 am
  10. The second choice they gave me, Protestant (luthran), was the one i am now. But when i read what they believe in and it was completely off basis of what my religion is about. Do some more research guys! The people who are lost on the subjects will miss interpret that.

    Comment by Deli Sandwich on June 15, 2003 @ 3:56 pm
  11. My entire family took the test. We all had fun.
    Me and my 17 year old son came up 100% Seventh-Day Adventist. We are.
    My 19 year old daughter came up 100% Protestant Christian. She too is Seventh-Day Adventist.
    My husband came up 100% Mormon. Hummm He always said he needed one wife to clean and one to cook.

    Comment by Sandra on June 28, 2003 @ 4:02 pm
  12. I came up with 100% Unitarian Universalism. I go to an Episcopal church, but don’t have the same belefs. I also find it kind of hard to think that I can be 100% compatable with this religion, if they are encouraged to come up with there own religious belefs. What is this, the religion for the miscellaneous? Did I get 100% compatability, simply ‘cuz I didn’t fit into anything else. Oh well, I’ve done some research on the religion, and kind of like what I’ve found.

    Comment by Sarah on July 30, 2003 @ 2:28 pm
  13. this is interesting, and fun for something to do… lol
    God bless…

    Comment by mark on December 8, 2003 @ 12:14 pm
  14. An interesting test. It gave me 100% Church of Later-Day Saints (Mormon), even though I’m a Protestant. Perhaps it’s because I’m less conservative on some views… But I’m still quite conservative compared to many, and Mormons are about as conservative as you can get. I read their blurb on Mormons and they hit the faith pretty well on the nose, but I defenitly disagreed with many of the tennets. Not that I was thinking of converting anyway. I just wanted to see what would come up.

    Comment by MIles on February 6, 2004 @ 8:48 pm
  15. MIles, some folks on an LDS-themed blog just stumbled across this, and it seems like a good number of them ended up getting some sort of Protestant or Jehovah’s Witness result from it. Doesn’t seem to be entirely accurate, so I wouldn’t worry about it. :)

    Comment by Levi on February 7, 2004 @ 12:27 am
  16. I think it has also a lot to do with how well a person knows the doctrines of their own faith also. If a person claims he is Catholic and does not even know what a catholic believes then of course it would skew the results. And if a mormon does not know the tenets of mormonism then it would also tend to make it inaccurate

    Comment by moose on February 7, 2004 @ 10:36 am
  17. These particular mormons know their faith better that the person who designed the quiz, I’m sure.

    Comment by Levi on February 8, 2004 @ 1:40 am
  18. I was just commenting because several questions are partially true for mormons while others are more complete and reflect better the doctrines taught by the church. In my conversations with people over time I have come to believe that many mormons (myself included) do/did not know the doctrines that well when asked by a person about the faith.

    Comment by moose on February 8, 2004 @ 11:11 am
  19. This test was… how should i say, inaccurate. I’m an Atheist, yet somehow I got 100% Liberal Christian Protestant, and 63% atheist… You could take it if you want, but I cant guarantee that it’ll give you a good answer

    Comment by Woodchip on April 7, 2004 @ 2:53 pm
  20. 100% Secular Humanist which fits me pretty well. Out of curiosity, I retook the test under a radical, malicious Southern Baptist alter ego. It came up Mormon first and then Conservative protestant (Boy, wouldn’t that make my alter ego mad!). Certainly the test is entertaining, but lacks discriminatory validaty so that while it can pick out the protestant fundamentalists and the agnostic/atheists like me pretty easily, it loses its accurancy with less polarized viewpoints.

    Comment by Daniel on April 23, 2004 @ 4:48 pm
  21. Noe-pagen man are my parents going to be mad.

    Comment by Chad on July 3, 2004 @ 9:49 pm
  22. My number 1 is Neo-Pagan, and the last number (27) is Roman Christian. Thing is, my religion is Roman Christian. heh. (Although I don’t really have the same beliefs, I’m pretty much in Roman Christian religion only because we (my siblings and I) were raised Christian, and all… )

    Comment by Isabelle on November 18, 2004 @ 10:11 pm
  23. I took this test hoping to find an answer as to where I truly belong in religion. Mahayana Buddhism. That was my result. 100%. I never even thought about reading up on Buddhism, and now I know that I should. I am truly relieved to find a religion that fits my beliefs!

    Comment by Amber on August 18, 2006 @ 10:24 pm

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