test extravaganza

I enjoy taking personality tests to learn about myself, so after finding emode.com I spent far too much time clicking checkboxes and radio buttons. The accuracy of the results vary from test to test and they have some annoying advertising, but they were still fun to take. They also require you to register before taking the tests, but it only takes a few moments.

Celebrity match: Jennifer Aniston.

What’s your theme song? Cowboy by Kid Rock.

What’s your lucky number? Seven.

What’s your perfect car? At first it said SUV but that’s ludicrous, so I took it again and got the sports car. Much better.

My true color: Blue.

What’s your superpower? Super speed.

Who’s your type? The girl next door.

My personality: Politician (Success / Golden)

What type are you? Romantic.

What type of flirt are you? Subtle flirt.

What breed of dog are you? Bernese Mountain Dog.

Which shoe fits you? Faithful Slippers.

What’s your flavor? Blueberry.

Who’s Your Inner Rock Star? Ricky Martin.


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  1. Saaayyy, isn’t Ricky Martin gay? I’m sure it’s just a coincidence. :-D teeee-heee-heeee

    Comment by jason on September 24, 2002 @ 8:10 am
  2. He also happens to be loved by all the women.

    Comment by dan on September 24, 2002 @ 9:24 am
  3. So you feel that you are loved by all the women?

    Maybe by all the male pattern baldness, magnetic knife, Michael Jackson’s kids loving women.

    Wow, that just narrowed it down to . . . let me see . . . zero!

    Comment by Rick on September 24, 2002 @ 3:47 pm

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