yo-yo smack

When I was a teenager I had an infatuation with yo-yos. Due to my youthful zest I had a rather humorous (in retrospect) experience. I had recently purchased a butterfly yo-yo and as a result was able to perform more tricks. They are more stable than their narrow cousins and I could make it sleep (remain spinning at the end of the string) for long periods of time which is essential for almost all tricks.

One of the tricks I was working on is called, “Around the World.” In order to complete the trick you throw the yo-yo in front of you and with the string extended swing it in a circle around you. When it comes back around you give it a sharp tug to return it to your hand. I was getting better because of my brilliant scheme to have more time to practice. I carried it around with me so I could use it whenever I had a free moment.

I was delivering newspapers in the afternoon and one of my first customers was a gas station. I walked in the door on that fateful day, trusty yo-yo in hand, and handed them their paper. The attendant, noticing the yo-yo, asked if I could do any tricks. Now, I could have retorted, “Of course I can, why do you think I carry it around?” I suppose, but not being the witty gentleman I am today, I simply responded, “Yeah.” In order to show him just how good I was, I decided to pull out all the stops and show him the best trick I had. Around the World.

The start was flawless. The yo-yo whirred like a hummingbird as it flew out in front of me and began the ascent. It rose to a majestic peak above my head and almost came to a stop, suspended in mid-air. Everyone in the room was now staring at me, undoubtedly marvelling at my fantastic yo-yo skills. The yo-yo slowly began its graceful descent when it suddenly caught a rough spot in the string and zipped down toward my unsuspecting noggin. WHACK!

I didn’t say anything while rubbing my forehead tenderly, but man, that had hurt (both my pride and the ol’ noodle cage). The gas station attendant stared at me, mouth open and eyes wide. He asked, “Was that part of the trick?”

Smarty pants.


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  1. I have always wanted to do tricks with a yo yo,but never could…lol..I gave up on it a long time ago.Oh,and Dan,I have a new URL :)

    Comment by Tammie on September 20, 2002 @ 7:03 am

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