arrr matey

Today is international Talk like a Pirate Day. If only I had known that this morning. My pirate name is Mad Dog Flint, what’s yours? (Thanks Jason)


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  1. I had heard about this on NPR during my ride to school and was sad that we didn’t have the opportunity to do this for the entire day. At school however, we celebrated in true fashion. For some reason the teacher didn’t find it as amusing as we did, arrrr.

    Comment by jason on September 23, 2002 @ 8:59 am
  2. I just took the Pirate Name quiz and my new official name is now “bloody Jack Vane”. I will now only answer to that. There is no Jason, only Bloody Jack Vane.

    Comment by Bloody Jack Vane on September 23, 2002 @ 9:07 am

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