strange referrer

I often check my referrers to see how people are finding my site and sometimes I’ll see one and have no idea how they got here. That is the case with As far as I can tell, it’s totally unrelated to anything on my site, what with its Power Puff girls and all. I couldn’t find any links to that would explain the referral and frankly, I would be a bit concerned if there were any. It’s probably better if it remains an unsolved mystery.


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  1. Shonen Knife is an awesome band, and they’ve been around much longer than their association with the Powerpuff girls might suggest. I played them when I was a DJ at KUTE about ten years ago. The Powerpuff Girls’ “Heroes and Villians” CD features a lot of other obscure and interesting artists such as Frank Black and Apples in Stereo.

    Comment by Jim on September 6, 2002 @ 10:54 am
  2. I listened to the song they have on the Power Puff girls album and liked it, so perhaps it was too hasty to declare them obscure and weird. I’d still like to know how someone got from their site to mine though.

    Comment by dan on September 6, 2002 @ 12:04 pm

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