beauty of blogs

I recieved responses from both of the sites that had usabiilty issues. Don’t worry, I won’t let it get to my head. I’m aware that it won’t always happen, especially with larger sites who will not be nearly as responsive to my suggestions. Not all of the big sites have deaf ears though. Google still listens and they get more traffic than almost anyone else.

I like the idea of browsing the web and helping people make their sites easier to use. Kind of like a friendly neighborhood usability cop. Let’s see if I can go three for three. I tried the 50 states game and when checking my answers found Its usability problem is that the background of the mouse over is the same color as the link, so when you’re about to click the link, you can’t see what state you’re clicking on. There’s no need to make people have to remember what they put their mouse over, or have to move their mouse away to see what it was on. Suggested remedy: change the background color of the mouse over. I could always email my suggestion but I want to see if they happen to notice my reference to their site first. Exciting, isn’t it?

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