After reading that Dave is the top Dave on google, I googled Dan. With visions of grandeur, mixed with a touch of introspection, I scanned twelve results pages until I finally found myself. Google is not only a search engine, it’s an aid in your personal vision quest.


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  1. I did that same thing the other day.Sometimes I can find my name on the frist page.But the other day,it took forever ! Then that night,it was on the frist page again.I think google has been smoking something.:P

    Comment by Tammie on July 3, 2002 @ 12:23 am
  2. Google returned over 2 million results for ‘cameron’ but it stopped giving me “next” arrows after 93 pages and I wasn’t in any of those. Plus it takes a very long time when you have to visit each of the Cameron Diaz sites. She’s definately the dominant Cameron, which is very unfortunate considering she has a boy’s name.

    Comment by Cameron on July 3, 2002 @ 9:47 am
  3. Results for my first name are spread out amongst a few topics. Foremost is the jeans company, of course. Then there are pages about people who have the first name of Levi, the last name of Levi, and the middle name of Levi. It’s an all-purpose name! There are also some Jewish and biblical sites. Some links are even in Cyrillic and Japanese fonts, those are kind of cool. I was too lazy to see if I showed up later on, but I wasn’t in the first few pages of links. I am in the first few entries on a search for my full name, though, which is somewhat comforting.

    Comment by Levi on July 3, 2002 @ 10:03 am
  4. I did not find you on the first 60 Dan searches on google but hersam showed you at #1 also there was a hersam research group surely a relative

    Comment by whaleman on July 3, 2002 @ 10:35 am
  5. The trouble with putting links to google is that it’s so dynamic your link will no longer be valid. Since I’m so far down on the list, it could easily change to be a few pages in either direction.

    There are some Hersam’s that I’ve corresponded with who run Acorn Newspapers and I think Mark Hersam might be related to them. I didn’t realize I was top dog for Hersam though, that’s cool.

    Comment by dan on July 3, 2002 @ 11:07 am

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