cool or not cool?

Wired volunteers track “cool” in America – It seems to be giving a lot of power to a few individuals but as long as they’re keeping companies aware of what the latest trends are with success, I guess it doesn’t matter how many there are. It reminds me some of my friends’ parents who would try to be “hip” and use cool words around us. No matter how hard they tried, they would invariably say some audacious faux pas and we would be forced to laugh at them. Old people just aren’t hip.

5 web design tips – I’ve been preaching (and using) similar design practices for years now. If only we could convince the general web design community to follow these guidelines. However, reality says you’re more likely to see a purple giraffe sipping coffee at Starbucks than convince web designers of the need for simplistic design. One step at a time I guess.

In other news, I went to the dentist and had my mouth torn apart by the dental assistant. After she was done, I could tell when my heart was beating by the pulsating I felt in my gums. I think she just got confused. It’s the hard white material you’re supposed to polish, not the squishy red stuff. Regrettably, I have two small cavities, or should I say “inclusions” that have to be filled so I’ll be back soon to experience more joyful discomfort.

I ate homemade lentil soup for lunch. I made it last night, with the help of a friend who used to be a chef. Dang that was some good soup. We made about 18,000 gallons of the stuff but it’s all gone. It was that good.

I’ve fallen in love with my latest purchase. It’s soft, leathery and green and will support you through thick and thin. Yup, a giant green lizard I like to call L. Heather Kauche.

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