d’oh, it’s late

I am taking the day off tomorrow (actually, I’m taking today off, but it’s very early today and since I haven’t gone to bed yet, it seems like tomorrow) so I can catch up on the mundane tasks of life that have gone undone. I am actually looking forward to knocking off a number of things that I’ve been meaning to do but haven’t had the time. I guess that’s a result of being single. I don’t have anyone to help out with the daily tasks and errands. I try to fit things into my lunch hour but there isn’t enough time for things like shopping and doing laundry. Hopefully tomorrow will give me a chance to get caught up again after my week absence.

I’m planning on writing an account of my Chicago trip tomorrow too. I’m letting you know to help motivate me to do it, since I wouldn’t want to be letting my loyal readers down. Does that count as being self-motivated?

Opera 6 stable for Linux crashed today. It had been doing so well all day, but I guess the 10+ windows I had open overloaded it. The stability could use some work, but I think it has improved since the last release. One feature I would like to see is the ability to toggle individual plug-ins. I sometimes go to sites that have lots of Flash or Java that I don’t want to see and an easy way to disable it would be helpful. I can easily disable all the plugins, which gets the job done for now.

Using style sheets to make printer-friendly pages – A useful discussion about making pages easier to print. Printing web pages still has room for improvement and using this technique would make printing less of a hassle.

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