i’m back

Whew. After a fun-filled week in Chicago I’m home again. I plan to write a detailed account of my trip to keep a record of it and in case anyone would be interested in hearing about it. A quick synopsis would be that I had a great time and would have easily been able to fill another whole week with things to do there.

A few quick links and then I’m off to bed.

Opera 6 for Linux has been released – I downloaded it while I was in Chicago and I’m quite pleased so far. It seems more stable and they’ve fixed a number of minor quirks that I had to put up with in previous versions. Kudos to the folks at Opera.

I received an abnormally large number of emails from people using my designs. I’m not sure why there were more this week than others, but I’ve added them all to the list of sites using my designs. It’s very gratifying to see them being used so much.

I think I’ll be taking Tuesday off from work to get caught up on the daily tasks that got preempted by the preparations for our benchmarking. All of the time I spent preparing kicked the other items right off my list and now I’m running out of food and clean clothes. I guess I have a better idea of how the guys who asked us for money in Chicago feel, albeit to a much lesser degree.

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