late at night in the windy city

I am in the Guest house at ANL in front of a rather ancient computer running SunOS 5.8 with 32MB of RAM. I’ve been so busy with the scalability testing on the cluster that I haven’t had time to make any updates here and I’ve only had a limited amount of time to check my email. Things are going fairly well so far with the testing. The setup took a bit longer than anticipated but it’s working now. Today we were able to get some valuable information that we will hopefully be able to use to create more scalable software. Tomorrow should be a productive day of benchmarking and tweaking to see how we can improve performance even more.

I’d better get to bed now since we want to get started bright and early tomorrow and I want to be chipper. As long as we don’t eat at the chinese buffet again I don’t think that will be a problem. The food there was a bit too greasy and rubbery for my taste. It made my stomach a bit restless resulting in noises that usually come from old cars and angry dogs, and that just ain’t right.

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