spider-man was great

Tonight I watched the human spider swinging through the city in his red and blue suit and I loved every minute of it. The time went by in a flash, keeping my attention the entire time. Well, I can’t say the entire time. The only time my attention wasn’t fully on the screen was was when a man two seats down from me felt the need to explain the painfully obvious to everyone in the theatre.

Spoken in a rather loud voice, he stated things like, “The spider is going to bite him” or “The blood is going to drip.” Thankfully, Obvious-Man was asked to be quiet by a gentlemen sitting in front of him. That did a good job of shutting him up for a few minutes until he felt the need to laugh when no one else in the entire theatre did. That’s enough about the chubby man with a mustache that didn’t know basic movie etiquette. Back to the movie.

It was full of action and didn’t spend too much time on character development or plot setup. The characters were developed to the point that you understood their motives and the plot was easy to follow. As one would assume with a major film, there was a love story, but it wasn’t too predictable and I found it refreshingly sparse with the details. I highly recommend the movie and give it an A-.

Did you ever wonder why there is no cent sign (¢) on keyboards? The explanation is an interesting one. In case you’re now curious about the names for other ASCII characters, Eric Raymond is at your service. (via Mefi)

Has Yahoo passed its prime? – This article makes some valid points but I think it’s a bit on the alarmist side. Not by much but in my opinion Yahoo is here to stay. It’s a site that has been around so long that it would be laughable for them to just give up and go home. Okay guys, no more Yahoo, everybody out of the pool. What I can see happening is Yahoo slimming themselves down and getting their fingers out of so many pies. They still provide value and as long as they do, they’ll stay around to some degree. However, if they do decide to close up shop, I’ve got first dibs on the domain!

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