Stories about boyfriends and girlfriends – Interesting to read about what people thought they should have done. The majority of the ones I read said they would have dated the person longer so they could get to know them. Sounds like good advice to me.

Extremadura decides to use Linux – It’s great to see governments and schools making decisions that save them money and give them more power over what they do with their computers. I’m sure it’s due to the fact that I lived in Mérida for about 5 months. Actually, at the time I was living there my zeal for open source software hadn’t been ignited so I had nothing to do with it. I do feel a certain affinity for Spain though, so it’s very gratifying to see them using Linux.

I had the prescription for my glasses checked today after finding that my eyes still became tired towards the end of the day. They are giving me a slightly different prescription that should keep my eyes from straining while I’m in front of the computer. He even had a little mock computer screen that he put in front of me. Apparently your eyes focus differently on pixelated graphics. With any luck, the new prescription will do the trick.

The HR person at work organized a round of golf for anyone who was interested. I enjoyed getting to know some of the folks at work better and our team of 5 (out of 3 teams) won with 2 under par for 9 holes. The golf carts kept me amused while zipping around the course to get to the next hole. I wasn’t particularly consistent with my shots but with some very helpful pointers from some of the other guys on the team I made some good progress. We played best ball, meaning after teeing off, we used the ball with the best shot at the green. I managed to make a few shots that were deemed worthy to be used. It was an entertaining way to spend an evening and I’m glad I went.

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