spelling matters

Why you should check your spelling – Aside from being extremely amusing, this site made me think about how I assess people that I only know online. The only thing I know about them is how they write, whether it be via email or web site. If someone can’t express themselves intelligently when writing, I assume that’s how they express themselves in person as well. I’m not talking about a single typo or mispelling a word here and there. While most people try to avoid them, no one is perfect and they’re bound to happen once in a while. I’m talking about not using proper grammar. I’m referring to sentences that make you think the person must not be a native english speaker.

In the case of an online dating profile, you’re supposed to be putting your best foot forward. Most people try to write their profile in such a way that it impresses the reader, resulting in further interaction. If the writer didn’t even reread their profile, you are most likely not going to be impressing anyone. Again, nobody is perfect. I’m sure there are typos and mistakes on this site but they should be the exception rather than the rule.

An effort should be made to reduce those so that you are expressing yourself clearly. Adhering to general writing guidelines indicates that you are an intelligent person. When what you’ve written is the only basis someone has to gauge you by, it’s worth the effort. After all, in the immortal words of the shampoo commercial, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

I ordered some paint for the Maxima to cover up a few scratches on the bumper. It was quite easy to find my car and the specific color. Three cheers for a making a usable web site.

Things my girlfriend and I have argued about – Thankfully I’ve never been this argumentative. The crazy thing is that this guy doesn’t see anything wrong with the relationship. He is surprised by emails he gets from people saying, “you think your girlfriend is bad, guess what mine did.” He thinks it’s healthy and normal to argue that much. You’ll always have disagreements, but, “I curl up in a ball, trying to protect my head, and she kicks me repeatedly in the kidneys” is a bit over the top.

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