beautiful San Diego

Today is my last day in San Diego and the weather has been beautiful. The conference had a pretty low attendance rate compared to previous years, probably due to the lack of money in the technical industry right now. It was still well done and wearing a short sleeve shirt outside in December is something I could get used to.

I had some sushi last night and I am pretty much convinced that I’m not a sushi fan. The involuntary gag was the real clincher in my opinion. Things with the condo are going well. It is very good that I have a cell phone (set on vibrate so I don’t bother other people during the tech sessions) because I’ve had to do quite a bit of business over the phone with the realtor, the furnace repairman and my mortgage company. I think it’s going to go through without a problem on the 21st.

The exhibition was pretty slow, but the one cool thing I got to do was play table tennis with a machine. Just like an automatic tennis machine, this one worked on the table. You could set the ball speed, frequency, and osciallation and it was a lot of fun. I need to get me one ‘a those :)

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