Highest Contribution Indexes

  1. 9.7   Artw
  2. 9.65   The Whelk

Most MeFi Posts

  1. 2055   filthy light thief
  2. 2016   Fizz

Most MeFi Comments

  1. 53303   Artw
  2. 36270   The Whelk

Most Meta Posts

  1. 528   mathowie
  2. 246   cortex

Get a MeFi user's Contribution Index

Updated Aug 02, 2018

What is the Contribution Index?


Excellent question. It is simply the sum of all the times a user has posted on Metafilter (comments or posts in any section of MeFi) divided by the number of days they have been a member.

Tamim's user profile discusses the idea and while reading this discussion I saw moz's reference to tamim's user page. After reading that and seeing tamim's suggestion, I wrote a quick script to do it. If you see any problems please let me know.