password brain teaser

Today’s Braingle brain teaser was a good one. Incidentally, if you like brain teasers, they have some good ones.

Here’s the teaser:

A man wanted to encrypt his password but he needed to do it in a way so that he could remember it. His password is 7 characters long. The password consists of letters and numbers only (no symbols like ! or <). In order to remember it he wrote down "You force heaven to be empty" Can you guess what his password is?

I think the reason I liked it so much is because 1) I got it right away, and 2) I like seeing passwords like this because it helps when I’m creating a new one for myself.

If you’ve figured it out, or you just want to know the solution, here’s the answer.

  1. Ha! I got that one right away too. You’re right though, it does help to come up with new passwords. Thanks for sharing!

      » Comment by BrilliantBabe on March 23, 2005 @ 8:15 am
  2. That was great, I didn’t get it at first… I guessed yfhtbe6, I guess I’m also the type of person who thinks the glass is half empty rather than half full, or I’ve my gas tank is half empty rather than half a tank of gas.

      » Comment by chad on March 23, 2005 @ 4:44 pm
  3. I thought it would be 1uc1f3r or something like that.

      » Comment by Cameron on March 23, 2005 @ 6:30 pm
  4. U Four Seven Two B M T

      » Comment by Alis on June 25, 2012 @ 7:50 am
  5. @Alis Yes, although in order for the password to be 7 characters, the numbers aren’t spelled out: U472BMT

      » Comment by Dan on June 25, 2012 @ 10:54 am

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