yahoo mail archiver

Those with a Yahoo Mail account who want to save their e-mails but still remain under the quota are in luck. The Yahoo Mail Archiver allows you to download all your e-mail from the server to store it locally.

I wonder if the guy who wrote the tool has all the e-mail sent to him as well, so he can read it when he’s bored. Hmm. I doubt he does, but you never know so be aware of the potential privacy peril before perusing your precious epistles.

Update: To all of you who are trying to delete your Yahoo Mail account by using my blog notification unsubscribe form, stop it. Why would I have the ability to cancel your account? Besides, if you don’t want to use your account any more, who’s making you login? Just stop using it.

  1. If he does read them, he’d be bored silly by all the dumb forwards sent to my Yahoo account. I seem to have a number of friends and family hoping for good luck by forwarding innocuous platitudes to 20 people.

      » Comment by Renee on July 18, 2003 @ 5:59 am
  2. He would find mine quite amusing, as most of the stuff I want to archive is quite scandalous in nature.

      » Comment by Mel on July 18, 2003 @ 7:50 am
  3. Heh, that’s interesting. I actually use Yahoo as my primary mail, and then forward stuff I want to save to my Fastmail account, which has its own excellent archiving service.

      » Comment by Meredith on July 19, 2003 @ 2:16 am
  4. I’ve never heard of fastmail. I’ll go check it out.

      » Comment by dan on July 19, 2003 @ 11:51 am
  5. Here is a Yahoo Mail archive program that you can download and run from your desktop:

    It also downloads attachments.

      » Comment by Thomas on September 7, 2003 @ 8:42 pm
  6. after 90 days of inactivity it is cancelled with most free internet emails.

      » Comment by O nameless 1 on September 15, 2003 @ 11:40 am
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