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Unfortunately, the machine used to host TIMID's xpilot server, Scotland, was reclaimed by DEC in January of 1996. Bummer. Thanks for visiting.

You can still send praises to TIMID aka Rus Berrett.

TIMID's xpilot server was launched in late September of 1994. TIMID's xpilot server is unique in that it keeps track of the cumulative server kills and server deaths of all pilots. These totals are used to rank pilots from the deadliest to the "timid"est. Statistics for each player are also accumulated and stored with the rank. In addition, the server kicks paused and idle players to keep home bases free of squatters. Also, in tune with the religious institution that BYU is associated with... a message censor has been installed to bleep out "bad words". After all, TIMID appreciates a good clean game.

TIMID's xpilot server is also a part of the world wide ranking network of servers.

Features of the TIMID's server:

TIMID's server used to run on scotland.et.byu.edu. Scotland was a DEC Alpha 600 AXP- Chip speed 175 MHz, Memory 128 MB, SPECint92 114, SPECfp92 162. Scotland was on loan from DEC and is pictured below:

Unfortunately, Scotland was reclaimed by DEC in January of 1996. Bummer.

TIMID's server is devoted to non-shielded, team play. Patrick Kenny's Blood's Music with modifications by TIMID to eliminate wussy alleys is the map of choice. After many months of fine tuning, Scotland uses optimal default xpilot parameters to provide a brilliant environment for xpilot play.

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