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Jaden putting in the treasure

Jaden's History

I first saw X-Pilot in 1995 during the second semester of my Freshman year at Brigham Young University. I had just gotten my first UNIX account for the labs in the Computer Science Department (on BERT) and I was messing around with my home page and saw a guy next to me playing it. It looked like fun, and I asked him what he was playing and he was kind enough to show me a bit of what he was doing. I figured out how to play myself, and there was no turning back. I spent many a night until the wee hours of the morning playing it in the CAEDM labs with Fodder (Josh Johnson) and even though BYU was quite popular with the ranking server so that we always had local games, we still got beaten rather severely.

I can remember one time in particular when we were getting obliterated by an unknown enemy. We heard some activity on the other side of the row of computers in the lab and discovered that our supposedly foreign foe was seated directly across from us at another one of the HP-UX workstations. Those were the days when I would MUD and play Xpilot all night. We got to be pretty good, but spent most of our time on the Blood's Music II map on scotland.ee.byu.edu. I also discovered that TIMID, the original administrator of scotland was a guy I ended up working with! It's a small world. Below are some links that prove I was playing in 1995 on good old scotland. Sadly, nearly all of the links are now dead. All that remains is the Official XPilot Site.

Updated Jul 10, 2019