Marc Cohn / Interview for Release of Burning The Daze

 1. Q:Who's Credited?
 2. A:John first
 3. Q:When and Where was it Recorded?
 4. A:Quickly and at Big House
 5. A:Description of Recording
 6. A: Talking about experience w/ John
 7. Q:What's relationship with John?
 8. A:His style is very unique
 9. Q:Was this record easier?
 10. A:Ultimately no
 11. Q:Did you achieve what you wanted?
 12. A:Yes, but it was very fleeting
 13. Q:Did you write more songs after then?
 14. A:Yes, I wrote more after
 15. Q:Is there not a common thread?
 16. A:There wasn't a though line
 17. Q:How did the album come together?
 18. A:Hard to write for piano, then go to band
 19. Q:Who has influenced you?
 20. A:More internal
 21. Q:Analysis of his past albums
 22. A:That's not what I planned, but yes
 23. Q:Where did this record come from?
 24. A:A lot of different places
 25. Q:Was this a way to communicate?
 26. A:Yes in a way
 27. Q:A lack of bitterness
 28. bitterness is on the next one
 29. Q:Being a parent affects your songs
 30. A:I think that you're right
 31. Q:Do you have a better sense of why you're here?
 32. A:The more you know the less you know
 33. Q:To what extent are you cognisant of your audience?
 34. A:My first instinct is to say none
 35. Q:It's been four years, where have you been?
 36. A:Mostly in New York, raising my kids
 37. Q:How did winning the Grammy affect you?
 38. A:My son likes it more than I do
 39. Q:Is the last song about things to come?
 40. A:Well, all I knew is it wasn't a historical song