Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints / Doctrine and Covenants Video Soundtrack

 1. I Will Seek the Lord
 2. Endowed with Power
 3. Families
 4. Going Home
 5. Overview of Church History
 6. Strength Beyond My Own
 7. Theme from Joseph Smith - Prophet of the Restoration
 8. The Powers of Heaven
 9. Drop by Drop
 10. The Heart and a Willing Mind
 11. Light and Truth
 12. I Will Forgive
 13. Be Not Troubled
 14. The Great Apostasy
 15. Zion's Camp
 16. I Will Seek the Lord (Instrumental)
 17. Strength Beyond My Own (Instrumental)
 18. Going Home (Instrumental)
 19. Drop by Drop (Instrumental)
 20. I Will Forgive (Instrumental)