theme help


If you're wondering what the "Choose theme: " section on the bottom of this page is for, you've come to the right place. I use CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to specify the colors and fonts on these pages. As a result, I can change all the colors and fonts of the entire site by editing a single file. It is so easy to do that I decided to create a few themes for fun.

By clicking on one of the X's you will be transported into a mystical world of a new theme. All of the themes except for the default one are a work in progress. I made them on a whim and have yet to put any real effort into them. If you don't like one of them, feel free to submit changes. Some of them aren't much to look at, but one man's atrocity is another man's beauty. (I just made that quote up to validate what I just wrote).

I use cookies to switch the themes, so if you have cookies disabled this option won't work.

Updated Oct 25, 2016