good drivers


Most people think of themselves as good drivers. In fact, if you ask everyone you know what they're like behind the wheel you would probably find that you have the great fortune of associating with perfect drivers. This is because all the bad drivers are on the road. It is also because if someone is going slower than you, they are old and senile and if they are going faster than you they are young and reckless. This is because you are the only good driver on the road.

One may be inclined to ask why there are accidents if we are all brimming with such excellent driving skills. The answer is that since you haven't noticed that your left blinker has been on for the past three miles you probably haven't noticed that you are a bad driver. The problem with almost all the bad drivers I've seen is that they're on the highway with me. You see, if I were the only vehicle on the road, there wouldn't be a problem, besides my confusion as to where everyone else went. My point is that what most drivers seem to forget is that there are in fact other people on the road and that they like to use it too.

This problem could be resolved if people were a little more courteous on the big slab of pavement we call the road. It may come as a surprise to some, but blinkers are meant to warn others that you are going to turn soon. Driving very slowly until you come to a complete stop in the middle of the road and then turning on your blinker results in only one thing: the vehicle behind you running into the newly flashing blinker. Another helpful hint is to check your blind spot before zipping to another lane. This will help to avoid the need for emergency maneuvers to keep from running into you. If someone is going faster than you on a multilane highway it is common courtesy to pull over and let them pass. Sometimes common courtesy isn't so common.

If more drivers were aware of what was going on around them, not only would there be fewer accidents, but insurance companies wouldn't be able to charge you monthly fees that rival your mortgage payment. This would allow you to spend your money on something else, like a new cell phone. This would give you something useful to do in the car, like complain to your friend about how bad drivers are these days.

Updated Oct 25, 2016