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croc dundee
  Monday - 04/23/2001 @ 14:42 MDT
I just saw the newest Crocodile Dundee movie and despite the bad reviews I thought it was a funny movie. Today is my birthday and we went to Taco Bell for lunch. Now I'm kind of stuffed. A birthday is kind of strange, because I'm really not a year older, since it's just the first day of my 25th year, but at least I'll get a break on car insurance rates :)

moving not so bad
  Saturday - 04/21/2001 @ 15:44 MDT
I've moved the majority of my junk into the condo and it wasn't that bad. I've just got clothes left to move and som odds and ends, but it shouldn't be that bad. I guess moving's not that bad after all ;) I finished earlier than I thought so I could go for a ride on the ole motorcycle, but alas, it raineth.

  Friday - 04/20/2001 @ 11:35 MDT
I didn't take the motorcycle today - looks like rain. Not much going on now - we're almost ready to release Beta 2 for our product and when that's done all we have left to do is the final release version. This weekend I'll be moving to a condo. It will be nice to be moved in, but the moving process itself is less than enjoyable. I'll have to throw out some things so I won't have to carry as much ;)

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