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no more evolving for you       Friday - Mar 01, 2002 @ 20:01 MST   #

It looks like evolution is over with - Okay, everybody out of the gene pool. Evolution is no more. It was fun while it lasted, a wild ride to be sure. We'll miss you dear evolution.

Einstein and Gödel were buddies - I always enjoy learning about Einstein. He was quite a guy. This article talks about a picture of the two of them and I wanted to see it. I pulled up and found it right away. It dawned on me how useful the internet really is. Fifteen years ago if I had been reading that article in the newspaper I wouldn't have been able to get that picture without going to the library and looking it up. The information highway has come a long way.

Alan Reiter likes wireless too - Too bad I don't have $50,000 to donate to the cause. I'm really surprised that wireless hasn't caught on more. Sure there are some issues to deal with but that's true with any new technology. I would have thought that I would have had people scrambling to sign me up as a wireless customer. So far, I haven't seen much scrambling.

5 mints?       Thursday - Feb 28, 2002 @ 18:46 MST   #

I didn't feel like cooking anything for lunch so I went to the Taco Bell drive thru. Upon returning to work, I discovered that they had included *five* mints with my order. One mint is a nice gesture, two or three perhaps a bit much, but *five* mints is right out! Was my breath that bad? Did the putrid stench from my oral cavity knock the girl back on her heels when I drove up?

I would have thought that my recent addiction to breath mints a few months ago would have taken care of any breath problems I might have had. I have a Smint box at work, in the car and on my desk at home. Instead of buying a single box of them I grabbed the entire case. I always have a mint after eating but now I take one for no reason. Some people have a nervous twitch, I just pop a smint down the hatch. I guess there are worse habits and the results are surprisingly refreshing.

I'm regretting my upgrade to Opera 6.01 beta 1 for Linux. It's less stable, has font issues by showing a black splotch instead of the question mark it used to have and it is feeling sluggish. The whole reason I liked Opera is that it was quick and responsive. What does a guy have to do to get a decent browser?

Facts about New Hampshire - I spent the first 18 years of my life in New Hampshire and only knew about 15% of the facts listed there. Try looking up your home state. Some of them are quite intriguing.

wireless wonder       Thursday - Feb 28, 2002 @ 00:08 MST   #

I've been trying to pay a wireless ISP upwards of $300 to install an antenna, agreed to pay $40-$50 a month and yet I remain without an internet connection. You'd think that a company would take me up on my offer and let me have it, but no, I have to wait around for them to do a site evaluation to see if I'm good enough for wireless. I have already been rejected once: "No, you don't deserve a wireless connection, you don't have line of sight to our antenna."

The next provider told me I had to be put in their precious queue and I have yet to hear from them. I got an add in the mail yesterday for another service and I called them today, only to get the voice mail. I left a message with my number and asked them to call me back. So far, nothing.

There is still hope though. A friend of mine at work has some friends that started up a wireless ISP and it looks like there is coverage in my area. It doesn't require line of site, so that will be nice if everything else works. The only catch is that they have to have 50 customers within a certain area in order to warrant setting up their service. The guy said that it will probably be a few weeks until that happens in my area. Here's to hoping. Only a few more weeks of late nights at work to do anything online.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, the beta release of Opera for Linux was rather disappointing. I haven't found anything different yet, except for the fact that it crashes more often. Now I have to wait for beta 2 or if I'm lucky a final release that takes care of the stability problems.

beta opera released       Tuesday - Feb 26, 2002 @ 18:45 MST   #

A blog conference is coming up in August in Las Vegas. It sounds like a lot of fun. I'm not sure if I'll go or not but I'll definitely consider it.

Opera has released Opera 6.0 beta 1 for Linux - Wahoo! I've been using Technology Preview 3 and it worked well for most sites but it had a few stability problems. Opera is my primary browser and I've been waiting for the next release anxiously so this is big news in my book.

I played volleyball last night and had a number of good spikes. It's a great feeling to smash that little white orb as it rises just barely above the net. A good feeling indeed.

winning is nice       Monday - Feb 25, 2002 @ 23:18 MST   #

This past Saturday kept me quite busy. I woke up at 10am and went to work (I still don't have an internet connection at the condo) to make sure the web server was still up. After upgrading PHP and MySQL it's been having some problems, so I need to babysit it until I figure them out. I had a basketball game at 11am where we had our first win, 51-34. As soon as I got on the court I sunk a 15-footer with nothing but net and got a rebound to put up an easy layup which tied the game. I don't think we were ever behind after that.

I got back from the game, showered and rushed off to a friends house to watch the BYU vs. Utah basketball game and to meet some girls that were friends of his wife. The girls were really easy to get along which made it very comfortable and we had a good conversation while watching the game.

I had to leave halfway through the game to pick my brother up from the airport. We returned with the hope of seeing the end of the game but we just missed it. When I left, BYU was down by 20 and got back BYU had just won the game by 2 points. It was an exciting ending I'm told. I gave my brother a ride to his dorm in Provo and got some mail at my old condo. The post office refuses to forward it in spite of two separate forwarding requests made almost two months ago. I had about 10 minutes to rest when I got back to Sandy before it was time to go ice skating with some friends.

The rental skates had about a 1/4 inch of material between your foot and the blade so my feet were quite sore after a few minutes on the ice. In spite of the pain, I got to be quite good at doing a crossover when taking sharp turns and I worked a bit on skating backwards too. By the way, hockey skates are much preferred over figure skates. If you catch your toe, disaster can and did occur.

After skating we went to a party at a friends house and upon our arrival discovered that everyone had already eaten dinner. We promptly left the party and went to Applebees. When we got our food one of the guys who had ordered low fat quesadillas got a single piece all alone on the plate. His face was a mixture of suprise and fear that it was all he was getting. The rest of the quesadilla arrived and soothed his anguished soul.

We returned to the party and observed multipled games of twister, with two sheets to accomodate all those that wanted to play. When the twister "tournament" as it was called finally ended, we played video games, had a long game of speed Uno and some self-defense lessons. Those resulted in a number of people on the floor in spaghetti-like contortions. It was a fun day, but man was I ready for bed.

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