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Two wrongs don't make a right, but two Wrights made an airplane

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  Thursday - 06/21/2001 @ 02:15 MDT
I finally took some time to submit some web page designs to oswd.org under the handle "Jaden", which I used to use on the MUDs. The designs are just ones that I tweaked from sites I already made. I still want to make some completely original ones that I've thought up, but haven't had time to write up yet. Hopefully they'll turn out well.

staying in shape
  Wednesday - 06/20/2001 @ 00:12 MDT
I have a goal to always stay in shape. I haven't been going to the gym very often so I just went on Monday and beat my muscles into oblivion. They say no pain no gain, but I could easily gain a lot of weight without any pain at all. I guess "they" are probably referring to something other than weight :)

AM radio
  Monday - 06/18/2001 @ 13:16 MDT
There's a fairly new song by Everclear called "AM Radio" and I have recently discovered that I enjoy listening to some of the talk shows on my 35 mile commute. It makes the commute more interesting because I start thinking about the issues that are being discussed. I've heard that your brain is like a muscle, and if it's exercised than it will remain in good shape. I'd like to keep my brain in good shape.

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