my top 10 albums


I have picked these albums on the basis of having a good collection of music. In other words, even if an album has a song I really like on it, if the rest of the songs are mediocre, it won't make the list. These are the types of albums that I like to have in my CD changer because I don't feel the need to skip tracks if the entire CD has music I like.

1. Marc Cohn  Marc Cohn / Marc Cohn

2. The Best of Collin Raye  The Best of Collin Raye / Collin Raye

3. Back To Front  Back To Front / Lionel Richie

4. Anthology of Bread  Anthology of Bread / Bread

5. God Shuffled His Feet  God Shuffled His Feet / Crash Test Dummies

6. Fortress  Fortress / Sister Hazel

7. A Portrait of the Cambridge Singers  A Portrait of the Cambridge Singers / Cambridge Singers

8. Simon And Garfunkel  Simon And Garfunkel's Greatest Hits / Simon and Garfunkel

9. Everything You Want  Everything You Want / Vertical Horizon

10. Vault  Vault / Def Leppard

Updated Feb 19, 2018