musical interests


I first joined a choir in third grade and sang in school all the way to college, singing with BYU Men's Chorus. I have always enjoyed singing and sometimes toyed with the idea of becoming a singer / songwriter but I don't think that will happen in the near future. I also like to play the piano, although I need more practice before I can say I play the piano well.

I have a very wide range of musical interests and for quite a while if I had even a small interest in a song I would buy the CD, so I have ended up with over 650 CD's. I like all kinds of music, from classical to hard rock and almost everywhere in between. You can see my complete CD collection or look at what I'm still thinking of buying on my CD Want List. I used to subscribe to Promo Only because I wanted to get the latest music but I've since decided it was getting too expensive so I just listen to the radio to see if I like an artist enough to buy an album. The nice thing about Promo Only was that I got most of the good new songs without having to buy the entire album.

I put together a list of my top 50 songs and top 10 albums. I'm hesitant to say they're my favorites, because there are always new songs coming out and my tastes change over time.

In acquiring all of my CD's I have dealt with many different on-line stores, so I figured I'd pass on what I've learned from dealing with them: - I have spent over $1500 here. They have a huge selection of used CD's (they have VHS and DVD Movies too, but I've never gotten any from them) and the prices are $7.99 and below (some as low as $0.99). I highly recommend them. If you get a CD that has a scratch, they'll send you another one no questions asked. I've been very pleased with their customer service and will continue to give them my business. Shipping is by UPS and is usually quite prompt. - Most CD's are about $11.99 and you can listen to clips of the CD (in mp3 format)

Updated Aug 02, 2020