I was a copycat as a child and when my brother showed everyone that he could juggle two balls in one hand, I wanted to do it too. After about 2 hours of practicing, my forehead was covered in perspiration and my arm was tired, but I had successfully learned how to juggle two balls in one hand. I later learned that it was a very simple transition to three balls.

I didn't juggle much until my freshman year of college. I became good friends with a juggler who had a lot more experience from being in a high school club. He owned clubs that he let me practice with until I could juggle three comfortably. He then showed me how to juggle five balls, although it took a number of months before I had a decent pattern. We passed six clubs and had people stand in between us to make things interesting. We also juggled torches.

I juggle for fun and enjoy learning new tricks, although I don't know the names to many of them. I am quite versatile with three balls, and have a relatively solid five-ball pattern. I would like to buy two more clubs and work on five clubs, but for now I can do three comfortably.

If you want to learn to juggle, all you need are three balls, patience and determination.

Updated Oct 25, 2016