My uncle became interested in Frisbee and shared his interest with my siblings and me. He would give us Frisbees as gifts and show us tricks when he visited. My brother and I visited him out in California where he took us to a large parking lot and learned how to skip the frisbee off the pavement and increase our throwing distance. One reason I like frisbees is that with very little effort, you can throw them for long distances, unlike baseballs and footballs.

I also enjoy playing ultimate Frisbee because it adds strategy and aim to the sport and a good long throw can turn into a point with a little luck. I could often throw it close enough to a teammate that they wouldn't have to move from where they were standing to catch it, and accuracy can make a big difference when you're playing ultimate Frisbee.

I'm not a Frisbee fanatic by any means, but I was introduced to Frisbee golf which is quite fun to play. It takes a lot of accuracy as well, but also requires you to be able to throw straight for long distances. It strained my abilities and I still have a long way to go if I wanted to compete.

For more information about Frisbee, or I guess the official term is "flying disc" the World Flying Disc Federation has plenty of information.

Updated Oct 25, 2016