Ice Man II
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July 17, 2001

I like this a lot better than the first one. Apparently not many people liked ice because there were very few downloads. It's interesting how I may like a design while I'm doing it and then I look at it a few days later and wonder what I was thinking. I like this one now, but I may not like it later on. We'll see what the response is from by number of downloads.
  Redesign - 7/17/01  

This is just filler really. There's no real need to read what I'm writing since it's not that important and doesn't have much to do with anything. It's just a stream of conscousness about nothing in particular. Reading this will likely not benefit you at all, and yet you continue to read. Is there some reason that you keep reading? Is it just too hard to stop. Go on now, back to what you were doing. Stop reading.
  Meaningless Post - 7/17/01  
    Ice Man


    From the icy depths of the sea

    To protect the universe

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