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  July 12, 2001  

I've just been out saving more lives and making the universe a better place. It's so hard to keep on the news and my other interests when I have to keep the world safe from the evil villains of the universe that desire to destroy this little planet we call home. If it weren't for me there wouldn't be anything to come home to, so I would appreciate a little grovelling and some worshipping wouldn't be a bad idea.
  News - 7/11/01  

Today was my birthday so to take the day off which was really nice since I can't usually take any time off with all the trouble in the universe. It's a rough job I tell ya doing the dirty work for the world. I had a really nice ice cream cake and I had a liquid nitrogen drink to cool it down. The candles were made of crystal and were freezer burned. Get it? Freezer burned?! Ha, I kill myself. Well, not really - then who would protect the world? :)
  Birthday - 7/10/01  

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