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Saturday, June 23

  Never ;)
Almost done 6/24/01 @ 17:53
I think I'm about done with this one. Just have to add some more news items to see how the layout looks. I have to start coming up with better names.

Worthless dribble 6/24/01 @ 17:54
This content really isn't that interesting as I am just typing stuff that isn't meant to be read, but just for layout purposes. If you keep reading this, it's at your own risk and peril. I see you are a perilous person probably perturbed by the pesky p-words printed repeatedly page by page.

Ah...done 6/24/01 @ 17:55
Things are looking good. They could always look better, but I'm pretty happy with how this turned out. I just have to run it through W3C's handy-dandy HTML validator and I should be done. Hopefully it won't find too many errors in the page.

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