sites using my designs


This is a list of sites I know of that are using designs that I've made. There are some more that I saw in my server logs but I don't have their addresses now. You're welcome to use them at no cost. If you do, let me know and I'll put a link to your page here so people can see what you've done with the design.

Updated Jul 29, 2020

list of sites

Link Design Comments
1. blue_heron
2. mod_tweedy
3. droll
4. blue_heron Colors modified
5. droll
6. droll
7. mod_tweedy Combined with cha0sv1.1
8. droll
9. mod_tweedy Green instead of blue.
10. big_blue
11. droll
12. ice2
13. blue_heron (Spanish)
14. mod_tweedy (French) Table bodies are white, a few graphics in the navigation bar.
15. blue_heron
16. mod_tweedy
17. mod_tweedy Added static background in CSS
18. mod_tweedy
19. black_n_blue
20. droll
21. mod_tweedy