Black N' blue
Testing Layout............Mon 25 Jun 2001
This is just whatever you want it to be, just type it in there and make your own little world, just tip-tap-type it in. That's right, don't worry if it's not all perfect, just be yourself and make a happy little word here and there, just ease it in there. There you go.

Those dang links............Mon 25 Jun 2001
It took me forever to think up words that would make that thing on the left be a triangle. I shall never do that again, plus, if you want to use the design, you'll have to think up words with the same number of letters unless of course you decide you don't even like my snazzy triangle in which case I say to you, I understand completely :)

HTML Verified............Mon 25 Jun 2001
Just checked this page with the W3C validator and it came back with no errors, so I'm just about to check this in. I just discovered today that Opera has an option to validate HTML right from the page, so you can go to any page, right click anywhere in the page, go to Frame -> Validate HTML and wham, you're there. Pretty slick if you ask me. Opera is a great browser.
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