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How to write effective link text on evolt made several good points, but after reading #2 and #4 I realized that my site could be hard to navigate if someone were color blind or had poor vision.

In an effort to make my sites easier to use I’ve added underlines on all links outside of the navigation sections. I also made the visited and hover link color purple so when a user hovers over a link they see the color it will change to when it has been visited. It’s a way of showing them what the purple link color means. I decided to make the change on my Coin collecting site as well. It has a little less aesthetic appeal than before but I’ll probably get used to it.


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  1. That was a useful article. I am horribly insensitive when it comes to using different colors for link text rather than the normal blue/purple color scheme. Though I don’t plan on changing that. But that article did make me realize that I need a visited link color. Also, I’m pretty bad at using the words “click here” or “here” for link text. I’ll certainly change that in the future. Great link.

    Comment by Jan on July 25, 2004 @ 7:25 pm

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