SUV goes for a swim

An SUV went for a dip in Hawaii after the driver, Mimi Campanella overcompensated for an oncoming car (by stomping on the gas I’m assuming) during the driving lesson being given by her husband.

No one was hurt.

(via kottke’s links)

raising windows on amazon

Amazon’s use of Javascript to raise the window when it loads has really ticked me off because it completely disrupts my browsing experience. While reading a site I’ll pop off a few background tabs to load while I continue reading, and then all of a sudden, WHAM, I’m on the Amazon tab. It’s like a three-year-old kid with a drawing from school, afraid if they don’t continue to pester you you’re not going to look at their picture.

Well I’ve got news for you Amazon. I already clicked the link, and I will get to your site when I’m good and ready. I don’t need you to hold my hand while I’m browsing, and would appreciate it if you would let me do it my way, like Burger King, not yours. Remember, I’m the customer and you’re supposed to make me happy, not enraged.

Thankfully, the web browsers I use allow me to stop Amazon from annoying me with their naughty behavior. These instructions are for the browser on Linux, but they’re sure to be similar on Windows.

Opera 7.5: Tools > Options > Multimedia > Javascript options (button) > Allow raising of windows. (uncheck)

Firebird 0.9: Edit > Preferences > Web Features > Advanced (button) > Raise or lower windows (uncheck)

Mozilla 1.7: Edit > Preferences > Scripts & Plug-ins > Raise or lower windows (uncheck)