notable tech flops

Jim Louderback, Editor-in-Chief for Internet sites at Ziff Davis Media, put together a list of the eight biggest tech flops ever. It’s comforting to see that even the big players in the industry make some big mistakes. The reason it’s comforting is that many of the companies who perpetrated the flops are still around, meaning they were able to remain in business in spite of their mistakes.

Then again, a few Mefi users are taking issue with the claim that some of these were really flops at all.

I’m convinced that within a failure, a fortune is waiting to be discovered. Just look at the history of inventions like Post-It notes, the Superball, Silly Putty, and the Slinky. These inventions were discovered while trying (and failing) to create something else, but the inventor was able to see the value in their mistakes. I also noticed that many of the inventions were picked up by Wham-O. They have made millions by taking what some people perceive as a failure and selling it.