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The first step is to get a domain at a domain registrar. You can register your domain from hundreds of different sites. The cheapest one I've found is . Others I recommend are and DomainMonger.

If you don't know of a good domain name, here are some tools to help you find one.

  • Instant Domain Search - Lets you type in domains as it searches for them, so you know immediately if they're available or not.
  • NameBoy - Comes up with variations of your names to give you ideas on other domains that might be available.
  • MakeWords - Produces random names or variations on domains that you search for.
Lots of domains have been taken, but if you're imaginative, there are still many more available for you to use. Also note that your domain doesn't have to describe what you do. If it does, that can actually limit you. If Amazon was called something like, then they would have had a hard time becoming what they are today. Often the best domain is the one that has no immediate association with a product, like Google and Yahoo. That way you're free to create a brand for the site without tying yourself down to any one area.

Once you have selected a domain, you need to find a place to host your site. There are literally thousands of sites to host a web site. Here are some of the best ones.

Web hosting plans

Company $/month Disk space Bandwidth/month Additional info
Dreamhost $7.95 200GB 2000GB 1 free domain, unlimited additional domains
BlueHost $6.95 50GB 999GB 1 free domain, 6 additional domains
PowWeb $5.77 300GB 3000GB Free setup, 75 MySQL databases. $5.77 is discounted price through end of Feb 07
Gate $9.95 5GB 200GB 99.99% uptime guarantee
HostMonster $4.95 50GB 999GB Unlimited additional domains
HostRocket $4.95 25GB Unlimited 8 additional domains, no bandwidth overage charges
HostGator $6.95 3.5GB 50GB Instant backups, 99.5% uptime or month is free
LunarPages $6.95 350GB 3500GB 1 free domain name, 10 additional domains
StartLogic $5.95 50GB 750GB 1 free domain, 10 additional domains, 99.9% uptime guarantee
iPowerWeb $7.95 50GB 750GB Free whois privacy, $50 credit for Yahoo search marketing
Easy CGI $7.96 100GB 1000GB Unlimited additional domains, guaranteed 99.9% uptime, Windows 2003
You can find more web hosting reviews at Web Hosting Stuff.

Once that is done, you can use an FTP client to upload your HTML pages to the server.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.

Updated Mar 03, 2009

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